Photo: Chris Loh/Simple Flying. She laughed and said “I don’t see a lot of these invitations here.” That was a bit surprising, given that they have three flights a week. Air France Frequence Plus - Air France Lounge Day Pass at CDG - Are there day passes for the AF lounge at CDG?

We get ~$2,700+ in value from the card every year. While road warriors have far more opportunities to access airport lounges, casual travelers can still enjoy hundreds of these airport sanctuaries. I am flying AF economy and have no status with AF or KLM. Upon entering the lounge we handed the associate our invitations. Some airlines operating at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport have dedicated lounges for premium class passengers and eligible lounge members in the departure areas of terminals 1 & 2. Allows access for cardholder plus up to 2 additional guests.

Thankfully the waiting facilities for the Business Class traveller have really come of age. Amenities include WiFi, drinks, showers, and TVs and magazines. She invited us into the lounge, and informed us that there would be no boarding calls. Cardholder Annual Fee: $550 (See Rates & Fees) Chase Sapphire Reserve® I suppose business class isn’t usually that full. Make the most of your layover at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport with a stop at the Air France – KLM SkyLounge. This lounge offers 150 seats.

A Day Pass is by far the most accessible method for gaining access to a lounge.

Please contact your airline for information on eligibility.

American Express Global Lounge Collection (Access to 1,200+ airport lounges, including Priority Pass Lounge Access), plus the luxurious Amex Centurion Lounges. The lounge has a partial view of the apron but most of the view is of the motorway leading to the airport. All in all the Air France Lounge at Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2E Gates M (wow what a mouthful) is a swanky, modern and diverse range of restful treats for the discerning traveller.

This 24-hour lounge is open to all travellers departing on international flights, regardless of your airline or flight class. This airport has developed a long way from the monstrosity it was in the 80s and 90s. There are thousands of airport lounges around the world, each with a variety of ways one can access them. What do they cost? In the words of our contact at Air France, “2 E Hall M lounge offers the best of Air France even if it was opened 7 years ago.” Air France Lounge JFK exterior.

Located between doors 55 and 57 of the international jetty, the experience of the Air France-KLM Montreal-Trudeau lounges includes: A hot and cold catering offer; Access to the bar (wines, sparkling wines, beers and alcohols) Free Wi-Fi access…

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