With the right tools, designers, artists and photographers know what to do. Wacom Inkspace is an app that helps you nurture work created on paper.

Explore Wacom products. A pen in the hand. Wacom's line of creative pen tablets include a range of choices for your creative interests. Meet the Wacom stylus Enjoy the natural feel of a pen in your hand as you digitally draw, sketch, take notes, capture ideas and more in high comfort and with precise control while you are … As the world’s leading brand for pen tablets and interactive pen displays, Wacom's innovation brings people and technology together. Learn more The choices in Intuos Pro deliver the pressure-sensitivity, pen performance and productivity features most sought out by serious creative. A paintbrush. Wacom Intuos Pro Power your imagination Combining the latest digital pen technology, a sleek, premium design and compatibility with a range of different pens and Texture Sheets, Intuos Pro is the ultimate addition for any creative looking to make the leap to the next level.

The Intuos line up is a great place to start, especially for drawing, sketching and photo activities. A pen. The hands and eyes communicate. Inkspace works in harmony with our Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads and Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen tablet, enabling you to craft, enhance and share ideas more effectively than ever before. What's included Wacom Intuos creative pen tablet small or medium, with or without Bluetooth, Pressure-sensitive, battery-free Wacom Pen 4K, PVC-free USB cable with cable tidy and L-shaped connector, 3 extra standard nibs (located inside pen), nib removal tool on end of pen, Quick start guide, Regulation sheet,

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