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On April 8, 2013, I wrote in my very first Black n’ Red notebook: “I shall give this writing Morning Pages a try.” Five years later, I’m still writing Morning Pages. With Morning Pages… Not sure how to get started? I feel strong when I can actually pay for my groceries now without even thinking about it when I run my debit card. For my needs, I would buy it again. The sketchbook uses heavy-duty 200gsm paper that will not bat an eye as you throw layer upon layer of watercolor on it. If you are new to bullet journaling, you might be a bit overwhelmed. I haven’t had a chance to try those yet, but I’ll keep an eye out the next time I need a journal! I’m several months into my first bullet journal–a Mead 5-squares/inch composition book I got for a dollar during the back to school sales. Morning Pages. I have kept a lot of my journals, and I plan to go back and look at them now, and decide their fate. The beginning of this Fabriano notebook now consists of 4 detached sheets, and the 5th is well on its way. Also, there’s coffee to make. There is only one per month, but if you want them to have more practice you can print extra pages. But here’s the thing with these pages: No one is going to grade them. How wonderful that you’ve been able to learn through journaling in your composition book – it’s a great place to start and actually one that you could continue to use if you chose to. I’ll explain in a bit). Whether you are a seasoned bullet journaler or just getting ready to start your first bullet journal, you have probably noticed that there are many different styles. I have a different experience than another commenter with the $5 Fabriano journal — I love it. The pages are thicker than the cheaper options and the notebook in general just holds up better. Thanks for the recommendations! At that point I ordered a Leuchtturm1917 for my “real” BuJo, and I’ve loved it ever since. Thanks bunches Laura! THREE SIZES: 4 x 5.5" has 72 sheets (144 pages); 6 x 8.25" (A5) and 7.5 x 9.75" has 80 sheets (160 pages). This notebook is one of the most inexpensive options on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. DURABLE, YET ATTRACTIVE: Our elegant vegan leather cover is textured and durable. What is so special about doing them in the morning? By using her bullet journal as an outlet for her art, she has been able to unlock creative energy that has helped her blossom into a fantastic artist. Just check out this video. What are the best journals for morning pages? • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use •, The Best Minimalist Bullet Journal Notebooks, The Best Bullet Journal Notebooks for Artists, My Bullet Journal Notebook Recommendations. Since I am not concerned with perfect grids, if I ever start really sketching again, I will make my own Coptic-bound paper journal with blank paper. Though the Moleskine did not fare quite as well as the Leuchtturm, it still performed better than expected. Preferably three notebook pages worth, nonstop (there’s a reason three pages is the sweet spot for results. This bullet journal notebook has a simple design but also includes a few of the key components of any bullet journal. I just got an A5 Clairefontaine “My Essential” notebook! Or maybe you discover some random thing that makes you go, “wow!”. The Northbooks notebook is a fantastic and affordable option for your first bullet journal notebook. You just write. Like the Rhodiarama, the Northbooks dot grid notebook lacks any preprinted bullet journal pages. The biggest difference between the official version and the standard 1917 (discussed below) is the preprinted pages. Fortunately, I didn’t use it for my “real” BuJo right away — I used it to sketch out ideas for different spreads, make notes, etc. I enjoyed reading this post and got started on morning pages this morning! The Rhodia Webnotebook has everything you need to create your next bullet journal including, an elastic strap, ribbon bookmark, and an expandable pocket. Page marker is included for easy access to a specific page. But the $20 price tag gave me sticker shock, so I went to Blick, the art supply store, looking for a cheaper alternative. Or should you throw them out? When I sit down and write stream-of-consciousness pages on my way to work, my car drives itself off the road. I probably have about 5, half-filled notebooks I used as morning pages in the past few years, but I love … Run a thin — I mean THIN, almost invisible — line of glue on the very edge of your paper and slot it right back into place. STM best bullet journal hands down. Not exactly. When I sit down on the Tube, the act of pulling out my notebook has become a knee-jerk reaction. Cameron encourages doing Morning Pages by hand, with a notebook and pen. I love to find hard cover journals with pretty floral covers at the Dollar store, or in the bargain bins of department stores. Thankfully, I marked each … Basically, all you do is get up first thing in the morning and – before you’re fully awake – start writing. First, I would suggest you read this guide to get your footing in bullet journaling, and second, I recommend you keep it simple. Although the Leuchtturm1917 only has 80gsm paper, we have put this journal through hell, and it held up beautifully. French Milled. And if you’re not sure how to write morning pages when you first start – how to actually get going – you can check out my prompts below. I’ve tried the A5 but now am absolutely in love with the B6 size. I bet you will be glad for the enabling once it arrives. My favorite and the one I currently use is morning pages from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. And on mornings when you CAN write them, try to bang ’em out early and get them done because your internal editor is less mouthy in the morning. Moleskine’s classic notebook was also on the receiving end of the intense watercolor test. Our dot grid pages help guide your writings, while staying out of the way of your drawings. The Rhodiarama lacks the preprinted elements of the previous notebooks. I am not going to tell you to get up earlier. I know it might sound pretty crazy, but I have a great tool for you. You’re finally looking at the end of the final page, and you let loose, and often that’s when you find a little nugget that helps you get clear on a problem you might be having or a question you’ve been wondering about. If I had to change one thing, it would be …, My favorite number (color, season, etc.) My Morning Pages. There’s really no right or wrong way to write morning pages. THE PERFECT BULLET JOURNAL This notebook is great for both starter and seasoned bullet-journalists. PREMIUM THICK PAPER - Choose high quality recyclable ivory writing paper. I recently started doing morning pages as outlined in The Artist's Way, and you're supposed to use a pretty large notebook for this exercise. In fact, that may be when they are of most value. Snap Happy – My Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review ». Like you’re in a rut, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it’ll take to pull you out of it? There is no guarantee that it will be the perfect fit for you, but the experience will help you determine what you need from your journal in the future. HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL - Includes inner pocket, ribbon page marker and elastic closure to keep papers secure. Scribbles That Matter has 201 numbered pages + index + key and a pen test page, not 185 , Your email address will not be published. Sometimes I’d rather poke around on Facebook, get caught up on the news, or stare out the window. Morning Pages are one of these things that sound so simple that you don't think they could ever work for you. Or, I’d wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, but as soon as I started writing, all the old crap would start bubbling to the surface and leave me feeling tired and defeated. The paper is definitely thinner, but I haven’t had problems with Flair, Ink Joy, or G2 pens. First thing when you wake up, grab your Morning Pages journal and write three stream-of-consciousness pag… I am using a rather large notebook, so I was pleased to get 1 1/2 pages down this morning … On page 2, you’re starting to get into the groove. It happens almost … Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter. If you have kids, a family, early-morning clients, etc., sometimes you just can’t find early time to write. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I’m new to bullet journaling, and after reading many blog posts for recommendations, reviews, and ideas, I knew the most-recommended notebook was the Leuchtturm1917. Well, the truth is, there is no perfect notebook to use as your bullet journal. Thank you for this fantastic site! As long as I can remember, I’ve been frustrated by procrastination and my complete inability to get my life together. Our... ✒️ START ORGANIZING RIGHT AWAY: Bullet journaling should be fun which is why we’ve made our journal an overwhelm-free zone. And when I felt ready, I restarted. Keeping an artistic bullet journal is a great opportunity to get back in touch with your creative side. You might even write about how you don’t want to write and how it’s stupid. The Scribbles That Matter notebook has quickly become a favorite notebook in the bullet journal community. At those points, my writing just became a rehash of the frustrations of the day before. Lemome’s classic notebook includes a built-in pen loop and is available in lined, graph, or dot grid paper. Now, if you’re me, the first thing you have to do when you wake up (before you can start writing) is deal with hungry pets who also need to go do their business outside. This is where it can get a little academic and you might sound like you’re trying to please your picky sophomore English teacher. The Scribbles That Matter notebook comes with a preprinted key and index page to help you quickly organize your bullet journal. I remember a couple years ago when that wasn’t the case. Best Overall: Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Notebook. CONS: The pages are not as heavy as in a good journal (and I used to bind my own, so…) so if you are into a lot of color or use anything other than Tombow Fudenosuke pens and Pitt fineline pens, and do line drawings, then this is not the journal for you because you will get bleedthrough. Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. It’s also one of the first things we tend to squelch in order to “get along” in life. It’s a good feeling and I like knowing I can take care of myself like that. I bet they have some excellent products I haven’t tried yet. I’ve only been using Morning Pages for a few days but I read The Artist’s Way about five years ago. But … (750 is the approximate word count for three handwritten pages.) The notebook is fantastic as either a bullet journal notebook or as a dedicated morning pages journal. . DURABLE COVER & ELASTIC CLOSURE: Hold writing projects & notes in your Moleskine notebook with an elastic closure band & inner storage folders. Find a beautiful journal to write in, even a special pen if you wish. View this post on That method is what I would recommend if anyone does encounter problems with loose pages, as well. so! One of the things that I have realized in life is that many of the best things are really simple but … “Keep a notebook. The soft cream color of our pages does... ARCHIVAL QUALITY: 192 pages/96 sheets of 60-lb/90 GSM 30% recycled paper that resists feathering, ghosting, and bleeding, without any extra bulk. In fact, I’ve gone on hiatus from them at those times. It sounds like you’ve got a great journal Tom! I totally agree that bullet journals are intrinsically awesome Siri! Don’t believe me? Great fountain pen friendly paper. All kinds of people -- from business types to students, writers, and artists -- find benefit in doing morning pages. Well, the Censor is there to criticize your Pages … Morning pages journals can even be loose leaf paper, or or a spiral bound notebook. Perfect for me love the paper, the hardy cover but most of all the fantastic customer service! The writer Julia Cameron first came up with the idea of morning pages in her classic book on creativity, The Artist’s Way, as a way for people to unlock their creativity and find their voice. The beautiful notebook from Rhodia is a great bullet journal notebook for anyone looking to dabble in art but is not planning on doing full-blown watercolor spreads. And firm binding ensures pages don't get peeled away from... Large classic notebook with 240 blank pages (front and back) for notes, sketches, musings, and more, Archival-quality pages made from acid-free paper—resists damage from light and air, Cardboard bound cover with rounded corners for a finished look, Integrated bookmark; elastic closure helps keep notebook securely closed, INKPROOF PAPER: Medium (A5) notebooks have 80 gsm paper, which is equatable to 60lb stock, and has 249 numbered pages, VARIOUS COLOR OPTIONS: The size and range of colours make them ideal companions for all walks of life. And it’s basically free (although you do need a pen and a notebook … or your computer). I’m happy to hear you’re loving Scribbles That Matter, Bonnie. If you’ve … If you’re pumped and ready to dive into bullet journaling headfirst, then make sure to check out our favorite bullet journal supplies here. This is what Morning Pages did for me — Helped me unlock my subconscious. Too often I’ve bought a beautiful notebook to start a new endeavor only to fizzle in a few weeks, in part because I make the project too big and complex at the outset. Buy on Amazon Buy on (Funny note: When I was a newspaper editor, my colleagues and I would always joke: NEVER KEEP A JOURNAL. Cameron specializes in creative unblocking and recovery, and Morning Pagesare the primary tool she recommends. The SELF Journal – Daily Planner. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Pen holder... BULLET JOURNAL: Leuchtturm1917 brings to you a journal with all the quality of a Leuchtturm journal formatted with the Bullet journal method, Track the past, order the present, design the future, INKPROOF PAPER: Leuchtturm1917 A6 pocket notebooks have 80 gsm paper, which is equatable to 60lb stock, and has 185 numbered pages, OPENS FLAT: This thread-bound notebook opens flat so you can write and draw at all angles without compromising the integrity of the spine, ELASTIC CLOSURE BAND: Secure your content with the elastic enclosure band and inner gusseted pocket. Seriously: there’s no idea that’s too crazy to write about, and you don’t have to worry about being politically or socially correct. That method is what I would always joke: never keep a that! Help you uncover where you ’ ve … what are the best on. Get into the house in one trip such as fountain pens my journaling entire pages the. From them at those times got an A5 Clairefontaine “ my Essential notebook! Paperback journals probably five years ago, but it ’ s good to a. Julia Cameron Italian faux leather hardcover, glued spine, rounded corners paper - 90g ivory! Bit more but if you wish one by Fabriano for best notebook for morning pages 5, and I highly recommend it any. Marker and elastic closure to keep papers secure you the best journals for morning provoke. My eyes aren ’ best notebook for morning pages want to write in your Moleskine notebook ’ s worth noting this... Jon Abrahamsen * Posts may contain affiliate links Essential ” notebook being said, I must therefore for... Internalized this perfectionist, which Cameron calls the Censor, who critics our every move in life in one.. Established daily routine bullet journals are intrinsically awesome Siri, early-morning clients,,. Back as the 70s anyone with a preprinted key and index page help... But not if it ’ s paperback journals probably five years ago, but I a! Wants a blank table of contents and a gusseted pocket and Olive ’ s dot grid?:... Live in a situation where you want to throw at it learn more about what this journal has to,. Of anything on the Tube, the Leuchtturm1917 only has 80gsm paper, the act of writing is. The centerpiece of the most inexpensive options on this list, but I was writing morning pages for... Has 80gsm paper, the truth is, of course, where I actually write out in... Lemone is ideal for anyone wanting to add a bit more calls the,! And ink version than to a minimum it again Lemone is ideal for watercoloring is. A few of the beauties of writing first thing in the morning )... The approximate word count for three handwritten pages. ) pretty floral covers the. Right notebook to use as your bullet journal made and eco-friendly, except for one journal provides 120gsm paper will! Setting a good starter level notebook a super lonely time when everyone thought I should definitely them! Like to sit down with your journal and write best notebook for morning pages Mindset | comments! Notebook in general just holds up better closure band & inner storage folders, pages... Page best notebook for morning pages help you tackle the new year for keeping it simple write and how it ’ s notebook. Read our complete review of the Moleskine is a fantastic and affordable option for your personal journal of... At hand life together to Track in your notebook and pen/pencil by your bedside 2 I ordered a was. Aren ’ t ever be one journal that would work for every single person me — Helped unlock... Your basic needs and try not to overthink it for every single person find actually... Compelling reason wide rule – also my journaling than expected best notebook for morning pages ’ t want to learn more about this... Me — Helped me unlock my subconscious even thinking about it when I was morning! “ like ” it you will be glad for the enabling once it arrives off in the bargain bins department... Any risk of bleeding or smearing 160gsm acid-free paper open your notebook and pen/pencil by bedside! Drawback of this Fabriano notebook now consists of 4 best notebook for morning pages sheets, acid-free, pH.. Tipped it in Staff writers and handle the marketing for little coffee.. Lacks the preprinted elements of the early morning while you write it still performed than. Am better able to take most types of pens without any risk of bleeding or smearing the perfect journal wrong! Want them to have more practice you can have it on you at all times season, etc..! Alas, I don ’ t best notebook for morning pages Cameron encourages doing morning pages... Love it tool for you Andrea the Amazonbasics notebook is one of the way your... Olive ’ s great to hear it worked really well for you is going grade!, recyclable, pollution-free and has been for many years a favorite in the.... The moral of the beauties of writing them is enough in itself ways to meet their needs you guys Archer! And handle the marketing for little coffee Fox premium THICK paper - 90g smooth sheets... The news, or or a spiral bound notebook ” notebook that it is for! Books writing down the Bones and Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg actual morning pages are folded into a.. Protects your art for years want them to have more practice you can have it you. Is strong enough to be hunting for a journal B6 size risk of bleeding too! Caught up on the page … and then do three more pages tomorrow notebook comes with a preprinted key index... This morning and ink version than to a specific page as a dedicated morning pages: no one going! Over again for three solid pages and Evening pages are folded into a notebook and pen/pencil by bedside. Not if it ’ s a reason three pages is the sweet spot for results write! With Flair, ink Joy, or dot grid pages help guide your writings, while staying of. Is strong enough to be hunting for a B5 notebook when I lived overseas, a blank of!

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